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Facebook Live Configuration Tutorial - RTMPS Protocol

Step 1.Visit the website https://www.facebook.com/live/create

Step 2.Log in to your Facebook account, and then click ''Creat Live Stream''


Step 3. Select ''Go Live''


Step 3. Find the 'Server URL' and 'Stream Key'


Step 4.Configure the setting of ''RTMP(S) /RTSP PUSH URL'', then select ''Enable''

This is the RTMPS setting format.

rtmps://live-api-s.facebook.com:443/rtmp/xxx   (xxx is your Stream Key)

For example, my Stream Key FB-1019412575654303-0-AbwvKtbXtMRC0BQ0. Therefore, I need to enter the following RTMPS information in ''RTMP(S) /RTSP PUSH URL'' setting.



Step 5. Click ''Apply''

Step 6. Click ''Reboot'' to restart the video encoder


Step 7.Check if the video encoder is connected to Facebook Server

If ''Connected'' is displayed, it means the video encoder is connected to Facebook.


Facebook Live broadcast starts.



If it still shows ''Not Connected'' after completing the above steps, please refresh the web page. Meanwhile, please check for the following issues.

1).   Make sure you have input both video and audio to the encoder. You can check the input status in ''Status''. If the value of ''Collected Video Frames'' or ''Collected Audio Frames'' is 0, it means there is no audio or video input. Facebook is unable to start live broadcast without video and audio input.


2).   Check if you select H.264 encoding but not H.265 encoding. Because RTMPS doesn't support H.265 encoding format.


3).   If you purchased an encoder with 4G function, when you only use WIFI mode or cable mode instead of 4G mode, please select ''disable'' in 4G setting. Otherwise, unable to start live streaming.


4).   Please contact us for assistance. Our engineer will help you troubleshoot and fix the problem.

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