Streaming to YouTube Live via RTMP(Version 2)

In order to make live broadcast successfully, please check the following before configure the setting of video encoder.

•   Make sure you have inputted video and audio source to video encoder.

•   For 4G video encoder, if you are using WIFI mode or LAN port mode, please choose ''disable'' in 4G setting.

•   Cannon camera don't have audio output, you will need to input an extra audio to external audio port of video encoder, otherwise live broadcast won't start.

•   Microphone is not an audio source, please don't input microphone to external audio port of video encoder.

1. RTMP Setting

Step 1. Search ''YouTube Live Dashboard'' in Google.com


Step 2. Log in YouTube account and find the ''Server URL'' and ''Stream name /key''.


Step 3. Configure the setting of RTMP, and choose ''Video+Audio''

For example, my ''Server URL'' is rtmp://a.rtmp.youtube.com/live2, my ''Stream Name /Key'' is xcm8-ev8m-vbe2-3mgf. So according to the format of RTMP setting, the setting of RTMP should be:

RTMP server ip:            a.rtmp.youtube.com

RTMP server port:        1935

RTMP app name:          live2

RTMP stream name:     xcm8-ev8m-vbe2-3mgf

RTMP user name:

RTMP password:

If you are streaming to the server such as wowza or Xtream Codes etc, you also need to complete ''RTMP user name'' and ''RTMP password''.


Step 4. Click ''Set up''

2. DNS Setting

Step 5. Configure ''DNS0'' and ''DNS1''

The value of DNS0 and DNS1 is the DNS of the router. Please check from the control panel of your router.


3. Reboot The Encoder

Step 6. Reboot the video encoder