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Restoring the Web Control Panel - UHAD265-1-4K

This article only applies to the model of UHAD265-1-4K. If you lose access to the web control panel, follow the below steps to recover.

1. Troubleshoot

First, check if the IP address of the decoder and the IP address of the computer are in the same network segment

Second, factory reset the decoder.

Press the number '8' of the IR remote control 10 times continuously, all parameters will be initialized.

The default IP address of the control panel is The default user ID and password are admin.

Third, firmware recovery of the decoder via USB flash disc.

2. Firmware Recovery

Step1: Format USB flash disc to FAT32



Step2: Create a folder in USB flash disc, and name it 'configfile'


Step3: Download the repair firmware, and extract it to the folder of 'configfile'


Unzip the file configfile.rar.


Step4: Plug this USB flash disc into the USB port of the decoder


Step5: power on the decoder, it will automatically repair the firmware

Step6: Use IR remote control to find or change the IP address of the decoder


Step7: Log in to the web control panel


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