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Product Details
4K H.265 H.264 Video Streaming Transcoder IP Camera Decoder
Input: Ethernet Port(1000 BASE-T)
Model No.: UHCDT-1-4K
Output: HDMI+CVBS(BNC)+Stereo Audio(3.5mm jack)/Video Stream
Protocol: SRT, HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, UDP, RTP, FLV, HLS(M3U8), Multicast, Unitcast etc
Input Resolution: Max 4096x2160 /60fps
Output Resolution: Max 4096x2160 /60fps
Customization: Support Logo, Language, Firmware etc Customization
Upgrade: Firmware is Upgradeable
Warranty: 5-year Warranty and Free Lifetime Technical Support


URaytech video decoder(Model No. UHCTD-1-4K) is a UHD audio and video decoding and transcoding device with powerful functionality.It supports 1 channel video stream URL input, H.265 /H.264 video decoding and AAC /MP3 audio decoding, HDMI and CVBS(BNC)+external audio(3.5mm) output simultaneously. Not only decoding, it also has transcoding function, you can transcode the input video stream address to other type of video stream address. It supports decode or transcode HTTP, RTSP, UDP, RTP, Multicast, Unitcast, RTMP, HLS(M3U8), FLV etc streaming protocol. Its high integration and cost-effective design make this device widely used in variety of field such as advertisement or wall display or live broadcast ect. Also this device works with online live broadcast platforms, such as YouTube Live, Ustream, Twitch, Facebook Live etc.

We produce multi-channel video encoder decoder which is packed by 1U rack or 3U rack. For 3U rack, support up to 16 encoder cards to be installed.

All URayTech devices include a five-year manufacturer warranty and free lifetime technical support. Also we provide SDK and API and CGI control protocol for secondary development. Meanwhile, we can provide many free service such as logo printing, language customization, firmware development etc.

Typical Connection

1). For decoding function

2).   For live streaming online

3).   For multi-purpose connection

The Feature

•   Embedded HiLinux system, stable and effective

•   A wide area network remote management(Friendly webpage control)

•   Support H.265 /H.264 video decoding and transcoding

•   The bitrate of output video stream is adjustable from 32kbit/s to 32mbit/s(For transcoding)

•   Support HDMI(audio build-in) and CVBS(BNC) and external audio(3.5mm jack) output simultaneously

•   Support multiple-brand set-top box and IP camera decoding

•   Support SRT, HTTP, RTSP, UDP, RTP, RTMP, HLS(M3U8), FLV, Unitcast, Multicast streaming protocol

•   Support up to 4096x2160P /60fps UHD video input and output

•   Support customize no signal image

•   Network interface full-duplex mode with 1000M speed

•   Firmware is upgradeable

•   Support english webpage control panel and language customizable

•   Stable and effective, support 7x24h working time

•   PAN /NTSC for selection for CVBS output

•   Support multichannel 1U rack or 3U rack structure, up to 16 encoder cards can be installed in 3U rack

•   Provide many kinds of customization(logo print, language customization, firmware or function customization etc)

•   Live streaming

This video transcoder is compatible with most of live broadcast platforms, such as Ustream, Livestream, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live or even build your own using streaming media server, such as Wowza or Xtream codes. You can push transcoding video stream to these platforms.

•   Multi type video stream URL play

Not only pushing transcoding video streams to online platform, you can also use video software or APP such as VLC or Vmix etc to play transcoding video stream URL. With these video stream URL, you can play video at anywhere, at any time.


Model No.




   Video stream URL

Video Resolution

Max 4096x2160P decoding and display

Output Video

HDMI and CVBS output simultaneously

Decode /Transcode

H.265 /H.264

Frame Rate

Support up to 60fps decoding and display


Output Audio

HDMI embedded audio, stereo audio(3.5mm jack)

Decode /Transcode




1000M Ethernet port(RJ45)

Streaming Protocol

SRT, HTTP, UDP, RTSP, RTMP, HLS(M3U8), Multicast, FLV etc

Control Panel

Webpage UI(language customizable)


Firmware is upgradeable



120 x 105 x 30 /mm

Gross Weight



0 to 45(For working),   -20 to 80(For storing)

Input Voltage

DC 12V /1A



Control Panel

1.   Status

2.   Address

3.   Transcoding Setting

4.   Network Setting

5.   Decode Output Setting

6.   Upgrade