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Product Details

- 3U 16 Channels 4K H.265 /H.264 HDMI+SDI Encoder

Model No.: UHSE265-16S-4K
Input: HDMI(audio bulid-in)+SDI(audio bulid-in)+external audio(3.5mm jack)
Video Encoding: HEVC /H.265, H.264 /AVC, MJPEG
Audio Encoding: AAC, AAC+, AAC++, MP3, MP2, AC3, G.711
Output Video: 4 video streams output simultaneously for each channel
Output Audio: HDMI audio, SDI audio, external audio(3.5mm jack)
Video Resolution: Max 3840X2160@30fps for HDMI, max 1920X1080@60fps for SDI
Streaming Protocol: HTTP, RTSP, RTMP(S), SRT, HLS, ONVIF, UDP, RTP, FLV, Unitcast etc
Video Bitrate: Adjustable from 32kbit/s to 32mbit/s for each channel
Audio Bitrate: Adjustable from 48000kb/s to 320000kb/s for each channel
Control Mode: Web page control, support wide area network remote management
OSD Setting: Support to add logo, text, scroll text, time on the displayed video
Customization: Provide logo, function, language, firmware etc customization
Extral Service: Provide SDK /API /CGI for secondary development
General: 482x133x330/mm(Size), 5.73kg(Weight), Aluminum Shell


Connection Diagram.jpg



  • Support HEVC /H.265, H.264 /AVC video encoding

    Support AAC, AAC+, AAC++,MP3, MP2, AC3 audio encoding


  • Support to live streaming on 4 live broadcast platforms simultaneously for each channel

    4 streams output for each channel, support different protocol transmission for each stream

  • Support max 1920x1080@60fps input and output for SDI port

    Support max 3840x2160@30fps input and output for HDMI port

  • Choose suitable streaming URL to prioritize bandwidth consumption or image quailty

    Support SRT, HTTP, RTSP, RTMP(S), HLS(M3U8), UDP, RTP, FLV, ONVIF, Unitcast etc protocol

  • Support on screen display settings, such as logo /text /scroll text /time etc

    Support customize the no signal image when there is no input signal

  • Support HDMI audio and SDI audio and external audio input simultaneously

    Support to switch HDMI audio or SDI audio or external audio as output audio

  • Provide SDK /API /CGI for secondary development

    Support logo printing /language /firmware /function etc customization


Model No.



Input Video

16 x HDMI(audio bulid-in)+16 x SDI(audio bulid-in)+16 x external audio(3.5mm jack)

Input Resolution

Max 3840X2160@30fps for HDMI, max 1920X1080@60fps for SDI

Video Encoding

HEVC /H.265, MPEG-4 /H.264 AVC, MJPEG

Encoding Levels

H,265 main profile; H.264 high /main /baseline profile

Video Bitrate

Adjustable From 32kbit /s to 32mbit /s for each channel

Bitrate Control

CBR, VBR, Strong CBR

Output Resolution

It is adjustable, Max 3840X2160@30fps for HDMI, max 1920X1080@60fps for SDI

Video Pre-processing

De-interlacing, noise reducing, sharpening etc


Input Audio

HDMI audio, SDI audio, external audio(3.5mm jack)

Output Audio

HDMI audio, SDI audio, external audio(3.5mm jack)

Sampling Rate

44.1KHz, 48KHz

Bitrate Control

Adjustable from 48000~320000 for each channel

Audio Encoding

AAC, AAC+, AAC++, MP3, MP2, AC3, G.711



16 x Ethernet port(1000 BASE-T)

Streaming Protocol


Control Panel

Webpage UI(language customizable)

Firmware Update

Enable by uploading firmware to dashboard and upgrade


Dimension (W* L* H)

482 x 133 x 330 mm

Net Weight

5.73 kg


0 to 45(For working), -20 to 80(For storing)

Input Voltage

AC 100V~240V


Aluminum Shell

 Status Display (Click to enlarge)


Stream Setting (Click to enlarge)main stream setting.jpg

OSD Setting (Click to enlarge)osd setting.jpg

LOGO Upload (Click to enlarge)logo.jpg

Audio Setting (Click to enlarge)audio setting.jpg

Network Setting (Click to enlarge)network setting.jpg

Advanced Setting(Click to enlarge)advanced.jpg

Password Setting (Click to enlarge)password.jpg

Upgrade (Click to enlarge)upgrade.jpg

Reboot (Click to enlarge)reboot.jpg

Schedule Reboot (Click to enlarge)schedule restart.jpg

Factory Reset (Click to enlarge)reset.jpg